Tell Us The Truth . . . U.F.O. It.

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If you think about it, you've probably seen, felt, or heard things in your life that you could not explain, (and you know you ain't  crazy) LOL. but, you knew something strange was going on. It could be Angelic Spirits, Demons, passed on relatives, or whatever ???, And maybe you just dismissed it.

Well, I believe that disclosure is coming, even if It comes from countries other than the U.S. government first.

Hubert Eaves III

My Belief

This website is dedicated to all things possible and believable within the UFO community.  It is said that over 70% of people when asked about the belief of life outside of planet earth, believe that we are not alone, I am just one of them.  I must admit that I haven't seen any UFO's, Green, Grey, Purple, Black, White, or Red Aliens, or strange beings of any sort as of yet, but I am truly open to that possibility.  

I am also open to the possibility that many other people have seen em even if they may be interdimentional, and even if that number is as small as 5% or less. When you know that there may be billions of planets, stars, Galaxies, Suns & Solar systems like ours out there, it's easier to believe that "we are not alone" and that we may even have"Extraterrestrials  or "Aliens" in our mist even now.  I am also open to the possibility that the Government knows more about it than we've been told.

‚ÄčHubert Eaves III

Song Inspiration

"They're Here"
I woke up one day, and the lyrics to the song "They're Here" came to me effortlessly, and visually, so I combined them with my musical instincts to produce the song and video of the same name "They're Here".  (And you know it, so tell us the truth, UFO it)

I say, "I'm just having fun being serious".
So, until full disclosure comes, (and eventually it will), please enjoy this song about it, and even if you don't believe my beliefs, enjoy this song, and Hey! have fun, and don't hesitate to:  "DANCE YOUR BUTT OFF"!!!!!!!

Additional remixes are also available on ITunes, Spotify, CD baby, Amazon, and various other major digital download music store sites.